The Codes of Behaviour are not just ‘learnt’. To have any meaning they have to be experienced.

The way we learn to recognise them and are willing to ‘adopt’ them is through actively making music. By experiencing what engaged musicians experience while playing together, is to understand the Codes of Behaviour at an emotional level – at an extraordinary level of emotional ‘connection’.

But that is a major problem…  Many people don’t know how to ‘make’ music, play an instrument, feel comfortable singing, or even comfortable banging a drum…so how do we get people to understand and experience what we are talking about?

Lydianstream has developed a way that empowers people to experience the music making experience even if they have never played an instrument or even attempted to make any kind of music. Moreover, they can ‘play’ with other people.

The moment people articulate themselves through sound in this context, they have to implement the emotional skills we call the Codes of Behaviour. They become aware of the natural balance and healthy relationship that can exist between people and then recognise how to apply that in non musical situations.

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