Mark Smulian delivering a Lydianstream corporate workshop

Mark Smulian is Founder and Co-Director at Lydianstream.

20 years ago Mark Smulian began working with the Codes of Behaviour and developed the Lydianstream system.

Mark began working as a professional musician when he was sixteen, graduated from Mannes College of Music (New School, N.Y.C) in 1984, has gold and platinum album credits as a record producer, and continues to both perform and produce locally and internationally as a professional musician and within the world of Lydianstream he runs workshops, presents lectures and develops the musical system that is the backbone of the Lydian MindHarp™

In 1998 together with 5 other musicians Mark formed the band WhiteFlag: 3 Palestinians from Gaza in and 3 Israelis from Tel Aviv. In spite of enormous social and political obstacles the band embraced open and mature emotional skills empowering them to create passionate and enriching music that they performed all over the world.

This led to interdisciplinary work involving education, teamwork development, peacebuilding, resolution work and more.

The outcome is the Lydianstream system and the Codes of Behaviour.


SR Schtumm_1
Stewart Redpath, Brand and Marketing Specialist and Musician

Stewart Redpath is Co-Director of Lydianstream

In 2014 Mark met Stewart Redpath, a professional businessman, whose expertise is the world of branding and marketing. Stewart is also a fine musician composing and performing original music of his own and other artists.

Early in his career, Stewart was part of the launch team of Orange which triggered his fascination in branding and team dynamics. Since then he has worked in strategic roles for Lloyds Bank and for the last 11 years as a consultant for global brands and fast-growth SMEs.

In 2014, Stewart met Mark while playing in a band together. This musical friendship soon led to wider conversations about creating successful music. When Mark explained that the emotional skills required to create memorable music are innate….and actually not connected to music at all, this chimed strongly with Stewart’s 25 years of managing, motivating and working in teams. The realisation that these skills are easily transferred to non-musical situations only went on to reinforce Stewart’s belief in the deep potential that the Lydianstream system offers.

Alongside continuing his practice as a strategic consultant, Stewart is now on a mission to bring the benefits of Lydianstream practice to the corporate and organisational workplace.


Soufian Photo for LS website

Soufian Saihi – Facilitator and Developer

Soufian was born in the Moroccan desert in October 1982, he discovered the Oud at the age of 15 and studied with master Hafid boudribila for two years before he left to study in France where he played Arabic-Andalusian music with bands featuring Algerian and French jazz musicians.

Soufian is a fully qualified mechanical engineer, gaining his degree in France and after coming to the UK in 2004 has combined his work as an engineer with his musical endeavours. He has recently been a central contributor to the development of Punk Couplings – a revolutionary new design for mechanical universal links.

He has performed at many prestigious venues including the Royal Albert hall, Royal festival hall, National theatre, Royal opera house foyers, St Paul’s cathedral, King’s place, Fulham palace, V&A and the British museum. He has even had a spell as a senior sales rep for Bentley cars.  Such a combination of professional skills make him a perfect third member of the team working as both a Lydian Mindharp facilitator and Lydianstream system developer.


At Lydianstream we are of course all passionate about music. At the same time we all work on a regular basis in non-musical environments and are constantly reminded of the never ending emotional strain and stress found in the workplace, social environments and many other situations where people come together to ‘work’. There is stress in the music business but NEVER stress in business of real time music making.

Smart musicians learn fast that behaviour comes before technique…


As each one of our team has a few things going on, we have a page we call ‘Our World’. Over the coming months and years we will be uploading a smorgasbord of ‘stuff’ connected to varied projects. Music, work with do with peace building and conflict resolution, interdisciplinary collaborations between the art and non art world, videos and education material on our youtube channel and maybe even the odd poem…

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