Course Information 

Where: Cox & Baloney Tearoom and Bar, 182 & 184 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RB
When: 7.30pm Thursday 15 June – Thursday 20 July

Price: £72 (£12 per session) or £60 if paid in full in advance Capacity: Maximum of 20 people. To book or enquire: email call or text 07968 851862

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Course Overview

A series of six sessions over six weeks engaging with musical sound.

This introductory course will focus on techniques for reducing stress, pro- active mindfulness and group cohesiveness.

NO musical experience needed: 98% of all human beings respond to musical sound-even if they don’t ‘like’ music.

The course explores and actively practises applying the unique and positive influence musical sound has on every one of us.

Over the course of the first three meetings we will learn, understand and practice engaging with musical sound in order to reduce stress, and promote mindful behaviour.

As we move into the the last three sessions we will explore the Codes of Behaviour: The emotional behaviours that underpin the Lydianstream system.

At each session we will actively engage with sound through the Lydian Mindharp. This is a unique sound tool that allows anybody to ‘make’ music. We will explore interactive sound exercises while also discovering a little of what is going on behind the scenes in our brains and bodies.

Each participant will receive dedicated interactive sound exercises to enable practice at home, amplifying the beneficial effects of working with musical sound.

After six weeks each participant will have a deep understanding of:

  • The relationship between musical sound and emotional well being
  • How to apply and utilise these understandings in everyday life.
  • How it is hardwired into our system and how we can improve the quality of our lives and the lives of those around us