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High-performing businesses demand high-performing teams. High-performing teamwork demands that people interact in very specific ways. Lydianstream has codified these behaviours and can translate them into any team-based situation.

When put into practice, The Codes of Behaviour will raise the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of any organisation. This leads to a more balanced, engaged, creative and more productive business.

Importantly, they can also be measured to enable progress to be monitored. We provide an EQ INDEX to help organisations monitor progress and increased performance.

How can my organisation learn these skills?

Based on three easy-to-learn principles these skills can be practised by all staff members – from top management to the shop floor.

Using our unique and proprietary exercises and techniques, we blend workshop activities with small group coaching, observation and monitoring.

Participants familiarise themselves with the Codes of Behaviour through traditional ‘cognitive’ learning (i.e. they are memorised, explained and discussed) and directly through practice and interaction with the Lydian MindHarp™.

Lydianstream is practice, not theory

Unlike most ‘team-building’ training events, the Lydianstream system is internalised and rehearsed through normal, everyday working life. It can be learnt, practiced and perfected in the office or place of work.


Participants activate and rehearse the Codes of Behaviour directly using carefully designed interactive exercises and tools which are sound-based. This technique by-passes hierarchy, gender, linguistic or any other barriers. It is non-threatening and entirely inclusive.

And don’t worry! All the techniques require NO musical skill or ability.

  1. Introductory Workshops. Through tried and tested participative exercises we can help you, within minutes, experience our unique capacities to work together through sound. It is also designed to expand on and describe in more depth the Codes of Behaviour.
  2. Lydian MindHarp™. We have developed a unique ‘instrument’ that anyone can play singly, or in pairs. This is a unique opportunity for non-musicians to experience what it’s actually like to improvise opposite another ‘player’. In doing so, and through practice, the players employ the Codes of Behaviour. In real-time, people experience what we are talking about. By experiencing it the learning process is much more powerful. Equally, the experience is both focusing and relaxing. It’s a bit like combining a computer game with meditation with playing music.
  3. Reinforcing Mechanisms:
    1. Measuring and monitoring improvement: We can monitor changes in team behaviours. This can be quantitative and/or qualitative. This also enables you to correlate improvements in staff satisfaction, productivity and other related measures.
    2. Installations: We can install temporary or permanent installations at your place of work to enable reinforcement of the system.
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Stewart Redpath

Stewart Redpath leads the corporate programmes for Lydianstream, working closely with Mark Smulian.

With 25 years of working with blue chip organisations and ambitious SMEs, Stewart has enormous hands-on experience of managing, motivating and galvanising people  across multi-disciplinary teams.

After witnessing and experiencing so many low-functioning management and team behaviours, management fads and forgettable team away days, his view is that Lydianstream provides the only practical, accessible solution to this vital, yet under-acknowledged area of management science.


Stewart Redpath, Co-Director of Lydianstream, has worked closely and inside scores of businesses and public sector organisations, large and small. His career as a brand, research and communications specialist has exposed him to a broad variety of organisational ‘cultures’. This experience led him to further develop the Lydianstream system for direct application to business cultures, alongside the founder, Mark Smulian,