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Today I was on the phone with a friend…we were chatting about regular stuff. Gigs, family etc and then I mentioned that lately I had this sense that some unseen walls are pressing in on me, not due to personal stuff but rather something a bit intangible, un-graspable, something doesn’t quite smell right. In the end I recognised it as something oppressive leaning into me, into my emotional space….and then I went to take a look at the world news and these are the top trending stories on reuters today and I realised that once again the people who claim to run our world for ‘us’ are out of control again.

More correctly, they are lost and confused, trying to defuse issues they don’t even understand on a basic level, scrambling from hot spot to hot spot in an endless round of one liners and spun commentary that says nothing and means nothing; spending 15 minutes to solve problems that need decades of commitment in the hope that the sticking plaster will hold ’till someone else gets to deal with it.

When hysteria sets in, as with the outlandish and completely disproportionate reaction to world terrorism, other emotional diseases hitch a ride, like a parasitic organism, on the back of these reactions and all sorts of stuff starts to spin out of control. Fear sets in globally, people start to become insular, and barricade themselves behind walls of familiarity.

And guess what, the walls are not just psychological. The Guardian Weekly this week reported on the explosion in global demand for ‘perimeter protection components’. It’s a great moment to be in the fences, barriers and electronic gates trade. Of course, Israel’s ‘Separation Barrier’ is the daddy. Trump’s wall, fencing off Mexico, will trump this one by some margin should he get in.

It all becomes about ‘us and them’ and the world becomes a fearful place to live in. And fear begets fear that begets fear and the cycle becomes an downwards and outwards growing spiral that only stops when exhaustion becomes greater than fear…and by that time generally ‘half’ the world has been devastated.

In spite of the headlines…in spite of the fear that is being used as a tool of exploitation by leaders on all sides of the fence…in spite of what we may feel when we read the news and wonder what to fear most…terrorism, global warming, refugees overwhelming us, financial crashes and, and, and… we are living in the most peaceful times in recorded human history. Please go and check out the numbers (see below).

We should stand up tall and keep shouting that to one and other until the penny or the cent or whatever drops and then we will cease to fear and the colour will come back to our cheeks and amazingly the answers to many involved issues will naturally come into being…refugees will find homes, wars will cease and we will have the opportunity to be part of making our planet an even safer and gentler world then it is.

So read the headlines…don’t be scared and recognise that the future can be ours or theirs.

Here is a link I found online for causes of death in the UK in 2009. You can search and find masses of numbers. Terrorism isn’t even mentioned as a cause of death…although there’s lots of suicide and other stuff.


World News Headlines:

China sends missiles to contested South China Sea island – Taiwan, U.S. officials

Britain scrambles fighters to intercept Russian bombers

Vehicle explodes in Turkish capital Ankara, many hurt – police, media

Exclusive – Radioactive material stolen in Iraq raises security fears

Kurds’ advance in Syria divides U.S. and Turkey as Russia bombs

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