Enjoying the individuality of others and your self

Team/Group work is a balancing act between asserting one’s individuality while maintaining the integrity and importance of the group as whole.
All the separate parts become one glorious whole.

The better you are, the better I am.


Understanding ones own positioning as an individual within the group at any given moment

Team behaviour is a fluid event that demands balance between the separate members; this revolves around recognizing when and how to ‘support’, when and how to ‘lead’.

One does not exist without the other.


Stepping back and observing/hearing the collective and self as a single ‘event’

Contrary to what many of us think we don’t listen only through our ears. Our intuition and emotions, which are connected, respond much faster than our brain in analyzing and reacting to the input that all the body, including, the ears, receives. If we relax and trust and follow our emotions and intuitions, all becomes clearer.

It is as though a mist has been swept away from in front of our eyes and immediately it is clear where to position ourselves within the group at any given moment.

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