There is a reason we all respond to music.

Sound and music are encoded into the core of our beings.

When musicians perform music they are communicating through one of the oldest languages on our planet – a language that has been used daily for tens of thousands of years.

It is a language of mutual respect and joy at one and others potential. It is a language that is about cooperation and listening, leading and supporting and, as science is now confirming, music is a language that is linked through our brains to our emotions.

It is a language of emotions. A language all of us understand.

The mature emotional skills musicians employ can be adopted and introduced to any environment; business teams, classrooms, cultural conflicts and much more…



Mutual respect




These are all vital in any working or teaching/learning environment…

But they are easily ignored and forgotten. When musicians forget this, the magic that is music disappears, and it just becomes a bunch of notes.

Music is one of the worlds ancient languages and science is just beginning to recognise the uniqueness of music to human behaviour when compared to all other activities.

Music and sound stimulate our brains and emotions like nothing else in our human experience.

Memories of  specific musical performances or pieces of music linger in our memories for a lifetime and consistently trigger  similar emotional reactions.

Music making is based in mature emotional skills, it has little to do with technique. Technique is motor based ability. Making music is about emotional behaviour

Lydianstream is a unique system which draws on the remarkable power of music and sound to effect our emotions and behaviours. It translates this knowledge and insight into a professional system of training, mindset and behavioural change.

Our own research and experience has demonstrated that the emotional skills that musicians have to employ to make memorable music are skills we all have, but which are rarely activated to their full potential. This unique insight has led to the development of what we call The Codes of Behaviour.

This insight emerged from the work of Mark Smulian who formed the first ever Israeli- Palestinian rock group. Overcoming physical, political, cultural and musical barriers, Mark led the band (Whiteflag) to great recording & touring success. Now based in the UK (Bristol), Mark is working with Stewart Redpath to realise the full potential of Lydianstream.

The system has been successfully applied in educational, organisational, social and corporate contexts. This work is on-going.

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