Lydianstream is a practice we describe as ‘proactive mindfulness’. Its purpose is to expand your consciousness and awareness of your own unique individuality and that of all those we interact with in our daily lives.

And this is achieved through something you probably thought you could never do: through musical sound.

By experiencing what engaged musicians experience while playing together is the aim of our workshops: An extraordinary level of emotional connection.

But how is this possible when most people don’t know how to ‘make music’, play an instrument, feel comfortable singing or even just banging a drum?

Lydianstream has developed a way that empowers people to experience the music-making experience even if they have never played an instrument or even attempted to make any kind of music. Moreover, they can ‘play’ with other people.

The moment people articulate themselves through sound in this context, they have to implement the emotional skills we call The Codes of Behaviour. They become aware of the natural balance and healthy relationship that can exist between people and then recognise how to apply that in non-musical situations.

Lydianstream is designed for non-musicians. It requires NO developed musical skills or aptitudes.

We have created exercises and practices that access the same parts of the brain that musicians have to access to succeed in making memorable music. The truth is, all of us are ‘hardwired’ to respond emotionally to music and all of us have special, musically-related characteristics which are unique to all humans.

Lydianstream is relevant at an individual level but we put particular emphasis on paired or group communication. Like music, Lydianstream is a practice to build bridges and break down barriers.

So why through ‘musical sound’? 

When professional musicians are playing and performing together they have to engage specific skills to make ‘music’ possible. The success of good music making lies in the emotional balance/mutual respect and attention the participants give one and other. They can’t fake it. It is a live barometer of the emotional skill-sets we talk about in Lydianstream.

These specific skills are NOT technical musical skills. They are emotional skills we all use everyday. Lydianstream foregrounds and isolates these skills so we can better recognise them and practice them.

6 March 2016  Mark Smulian & Stewart Redpath

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